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Awareness through movement with infants and parents
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No parent is born with specific neurons dedicated to parenting nor receives a ready-to-use “Parenting Toolkit” ™ when they becoming a parent. Moreover, not everyone has the possibility to ask or to receive the external support they need to help them deal with situations of doubt, discomfort, insecurity, and isolation. In the same way, no child or adolescent is automatically prepared to be a well-adjusted child or a fulfilled adolescent. How to attune and adjust to each other? How can we grow together and create healthy connections, while respecting necessary boundaries? In other words, how can we day after day learn and experience not only the process of attuning to each other but also be okay with what will go wrong? How to create the conditions for a responsible, empathic, and secure relationship?

On the other hand, how can a child and an adolescent, with the concerns that arise at different stages of life, find their voice in the process of growing up? How can they develop their own personality in a meaningful and fulfilling way? How can they feel listened to and loved for who they are unconditionally? How can they find a voice to talk about issues they might face at school, with friends, and family?

In my practice, we will work through the patterns, habits, and fears that inhibit our life with our children, talk about them freely and without judgement, and learn to accept them as authentic. We will create distance from the concerns you have, ease your communication, and create a greater sense of connection, while balancing that with the need we all have to be recognized for who we are. We will address the ever-changing issues and responsibilities of being parents through time and figure out your way of going along this path in collaboration with your child. And for children and adolescents we will work to create a space and the time to safely share what they experience and want to say about it, either with words, arts, music, or other means adapted to the situation and needs. The space that we will create together, will empower you, parents, children, and adolescents, and give you the courage to be authentic and to freely listen to the feelings you have and create healthier relationships. It will help you to identify the matters that are important, avoid being overwhelmed, and let you take charge of the process of change. We are not in interaction, we are interaction.

Growing together, your child and you.

Agnes had me focus and look into areas I never think to work, paying attention to different muscle groups, and remembering balance and how to notice if it is off. I could feel differences, think about these things while climbing and running. A very experience allowing my mind and body to connect on a different awareness.
Maica Rodriguez Sanchez
Profesional Clarinetist, Orchestra of Almeria, Spain
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