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Grounding and focusing fosters wellbeing
One on one focusing sessions
Teenagers grounding and focusing sessions



Focusing is an integrative approach that facilitates what is called the “felt sense”. It is about the connection between what we feel inside (any kind of bodily sensation, emotion, and even absence of them!) and what we usually think and believe with our habitual mind. It is a way to discover how the body and mind are working together and what gives a meaning to our life. It helps us to sense and safely explore where there are incongruities, often felt as a diffuse discomfort in the body. We can then discover new options and find a fresh way of experiencing life, act, and interact with ourselves and others.

It is a powerful means of accessing what does matter to you personally. This will allow you to feel more grounded, balanced, and energetic. The energy you need to move forward with an open mind will flow more freely by learning and experiencing how to listen to yourself with empathy and mindfulness. Work pressure, family responsibilities, desire of being performant, strong, courageous, and reliable might leave you stuck in a place which doesn’t seem to have an exit anymore. With Focusing you can access your own resources, sometimes unknown or shut down because of the many other responsibilities that you have. It is a way to cultivate the mind of an explorer, open to your own creativity, and carry forward the different possibilities available inside and around you. You can experience the letting go of judging yourself and of being trapped in old assumptions, models, or fears.

Focusing has nothing to do with “quietening the mind” and running away from your realities. The mind becomes quieter because you allow yourself to engage with yourself and the things around you with more options. By mastering new ways of sensing, doing, and thinking, you practice how to act as your own guide and teacher. You are better prepared to face uncertainty and acknowledge your own feelings. You learn to focus on your intention and the process and stepping forward rather than on a static mindset of having a solution. Life is not magic, it is constant movement, and we can learn to swim in open waters safely, courageously, and present to the moment to moment.

Learning to perceive the relation between body, mind, and environment.

Focusing has been a wonderful experience. Thank you, Agnes for your wise, gentle, patient and precise guidance. 🌷 In each encounter, my being expressed itself through images, colors, shapes, sensations, which I kept as treasures☀️ within me. That inner wisdom, that ability to transmute, travel, relate, allows me to transform resistances into ease, release, wings to fly 🪂, love without conditions. 💖 Thank you very much 🌷
Ely Pedemonte
Pysiotherpaist, Chile
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