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Sometimes the signals that our body sends to our mind are confusing, overwhelming or dormant, sometimes they do not fit anymore and we feel clueless. This “disconnect” can manifest itself as pain, worthlessness, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, resentment or avoidance. We may try to explain, justify or avoid these experiences, but more often than not, they end up leaving us stuck and vulnerable. We feel unable to respond to them in a constructive way, at times over-reacting, at times despondent. These experiences end up contaminating our interactions with the people around us, in our personal, professional, and social life. The body becomes foreign to ourselves and might try to tame it, train it, or dismiss it.

Typical treatments tend to focus on either the body or the mind as the origin of these experiences, ignoring the reality that body and mind are linked, interacting simultaneously one with the other, in a powerful feedback loop. By finding your way to hold mind and body together, you will find new avenues to deal with your life in a congruent manner. You will be able to restore your energy, to befriend and re-attune mind and body, and to regain your strength. You will know yourself better and therefore be able to clearly communicate your needs and let go of guilt, shame, and frustration.

Flow and harmony are not about avoiding anger, sadness, or fear; they are about knowing how to face them and having the possibility to do it for yourself, and therefore when interacting with those around you. You will only know when it is time to turn back to unhealthy attachments and interactions and let your body inform you about your inner resources, your strengths and value in a new way the priceless vulnerabilities that make you human.

You are more than what you say.

It's unlike any other bodywork I've had done because the touches are light rather than heavy. It leaves me feeling calm and centered at the end of the session, and more aware of my body as a whole in all areas of life (including climbing). At the end of the sessions, I felt superb both mentally and physically. Physically, areas that caused me pain like my feet and calves felt better, and mentally I felt more focused, calm and attentive.
Lesley Gains-Germain
Statistical Modeler (and avid climber), Denver CO, USA
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