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Expressive arts have a wide range of applications. When we experience life challenges, such as anxiety, depression, hyper-activity, social anxiety, work pressures, and intense feelings such as anger, addiction, and self-destructive behavior, we are often already in a mind-spinning mode. We are invaded by words that reinforce the disempowering and/or uncontrollable feelings and behaviors.

Expressive arts are a way to transform difficulties into something new and constructive, and allows us to direct our energy differently, for instance taking personal, professional, or social projects forward, and expanding our abilities of being creative and assertive in many different and fulfilling ways.

Inwardly oriented and relational expressive arts are powerful ways of promoting emotional growth, confidence, and presence. Together, we will make use of arts, crafts, music, drama, dance, movement, writing and voice, depending on your needs and your intentions in the present moment. It allows you to express your aliveness in unique and creative ways, and discover what is inside you, what matters to you, beyond words and habits. In doing so, it strengthens your connection to yourself and others and elicits unexpected responses and insights and gives you new perspectives on your needs, on the questions that may be troubling you, or merely on the wellbeing you want to expand in you and around you.

I experienced myself how much drawing, writing, and crafting can be a powerful way of healing, being able to communicate what words could not convey, and knowing better myself. In parallel, the use of modalities more oriented to our relationship with others and the environment, such as music, dance, voice, and drama, gave me the opportunity to practice and rehearse in a structured and respectful environment how to express myself and relate to the world. I explored a wide range of complementary practices, took the time to experience how to combine and/or alternate them, observe myself and others in action, and took the time to reflect on their use, efficacy, and applications.

For me, it has been a joy to combine expressive arts and therapy to promote emotional growth and healing.

Agnes es toda una profesional muy bien formada y experimentada. Mi vivencia tras sus tratamientos es que me ha corregido la postura corporal y eso para un musico es fundamental. No hay efectos secundarios y sus metodo son bastante relajantes a pesar de sus efectos inmediatos. La recomiendo cien por cien.
Maica Rodriguez Sanchez
Professional Clarinetist, Orchestra of Almeria, Spain
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